What is VISTA?
  • VISTA is licenced school with branches all over Slovakia
  • VISTA is the best language school in the region (www.jazykovevzdelavanie.sk)
  • VISTA cooperates successfully on the Slovak market since 2003 and we are still working on creating new up-to-date courses. We educate ourselves because we want to bring you the latest information; we improve because we want you to be satisfied.
  • VISTA is painless way how to learn foreign language quickly and effectively.
  • VISTA ensures communication directly during the lesson, using and practicing new knowledge immediately supervised by our professional lecturers.
  • VISTA offers the way of educating thanks which you learn and use new vocabulary immediately during the lesson, practice grammar in a very easy way and you leave the lesson satisfied and look forward to the next one.
  • VISTA helps you to break the barriers in communication and teaches you to speak in foreign language!
  • 80% of our satisfied absolvents regularly recommend their friends and relatives to our English courses.
  • 85% of our clients continue to the next English level even if the successfully pass 2 or 3 levels.
  • The quality of our lecturers is very important, we highly emphasize on the good choice. VISTA lecturer is expert in English and personality, who can attract, has sense of humor and likes his/her job.
  • VISTA has many satisfied clients who thanks to VISTA learned English communication and asked us to teach them other world languages. Therefore VISTA offers today also teaching these languages: German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Arabic
German language
French language
Spanish language
Italian language
Russian language
Arabic language

*contact us for information about other languages

Why VISTA? What is the VISTA method?
  • VISTA is Slovak language school based on practical using of the foreign language directly during the lesson.
  • VISTA doesn't tire its neither students nor lecturers by using difficult techniques but creates positive environment and raises inner motivation.
  • With us you train via dialogue, role-plays, exercises and games that support communication. Student speaks the foreign language and uses new knowledge in practice.
  • Our lecturer leads and corrects you during the communication and based on licensed VISTA method teaches you new vocabulary and grammar rules in a quick and painless way
  • You don´t study a home but during the lesson!
  • VISTA simulates real environment.
  • Theoretical base of VISTA method comes from psychology of educating, it doesn´t try to bring new revolution in language studying. It continues the successful way.
  • VISTA has adaptable educating plans adapted to the requirements of our client
  • VISTA as one of the several schools offers special courses (International Negotiations, Special Sales Skills, Life and Institutions of English Speaking Countries, Legal English, Insurance English, Business English I, II, III and other ...).

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