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TEDDY English

Teddy English enables kids to make friends with Molly, a doll which speaks only English and altogether they teach their teddies (teddy bears) English language. In courses, little kids play, sing, dance, create and most of all, communicate in English language.

During 50-minutes´ classes, they work with a Vista teacher, using specific teaching methods or a VISTA CD – everything coordinated from a pedagogical and psychological point of view and along with VISTA – the school which has been providing a guaranteed English teaching method for more than ten years on the Slovak market. Teddy at the age 2 to 4 attends the classes along with his/her mum or dad or a big friend of his/hers. From the age of 4 the kid attends the classes on his/her own without parents. The groups are formed with regard to kids´ age. Our little pupils look forward to every English class and thus, English language will become a natural and enjoyable part of their lives.

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