Work and Study International (WSI)


With the help of the agency Work and Study International (WSI), Vista shall mediate foreign experiences with the English language and culture. WSI has long-term experiences with research fellowships and trips where you can experience the real cultural core of Australia, as well as in New Zealand, Canada, Denmark, and Malta….WSI also offers the opportunity of studying English or special courses at colleges or universities.

The big hit of last years is year visa, in other words ‘working holiday’ in Canada or New Zealand. Test your language skills in a native environment and experience the world with WSI.

For secondary school leavers, we recommend studies in Denmark, which is for the students from the European Union for free, so the students from Slovakia also do not have to pay.

We can mediate a stay in foreign country based on the wish of our client, so the stay is tailor-made for our client and we also offer other destinations New Zealand, Canada, Denmark…

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