Are you searching for a stable position of a lecturer? Join us now!
Vista’s advantages:
  • a lot of working hours - mornings, days but also evenings
  • Flexible working time
  • Teambuilding and other activities for lecturers
  • Excellent team of lecturers
  • Our lecturers stays with us for a long time as they do not like to abandon us
  • Motivational financial remuneration
  • Vista shall help you to teach successfully, as you are not only provided with introductory training, but also with continuous supervision
  • Pleasant working environment, the room for lecturers
  • Free access to the Internet, mobile phone and refreshment is for granted
You have to have:
  • The proficient knowledge of a foreign language which is proven by a reputable certificate
  • University student or a student of foreign languages
  • Organisational skills
  • The ability to lead and to impress people
  • To create humour, not only to accept it
  • A driving license is welcomed, respectively the mobility
  • The job is suitable with another employment in the form of a part-time job
  • The introductory training for lecturers is free of charge!
In the case, that you are interested in the work of a lecturer, contact Vista branch according to your own choice.
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